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Speech And Drama Nuts [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Feb 2005|09:29am]

I was wondering if anyone was going to post anythign?
Happy Ninjas

[22 Dec 2004|04:10pm]

Yay! People are joining. *jumps for joy*
Ok, major complaint-
I hate Dodge, seriously. I'm way better than Mallory, and even though it would be odd playing opposite Brian in a piece that deals with 'love' I'm still a better actor than her. I mean, even Dodge's top actress (Besides Lauren) Kathleen says that because I'm not in speech anymore (due to grades) it's wasted talent. Which means that I am a good actress. I mean, last year she said she was better than me her Freshman year. I almost dropped dead when I heard that because she's my high school idol. lol.

Anyway, there's an acting thing during January and February at the Riverside Theatre, and I totally have to go.

Oh, by the way, my name is Ashley as well. I'm the (pathetic) moderator of this community, I live in Iowa, City Iowa. I'm in Large Group Speech doing Improv and (sadly) Readers Theatre.

Happy Ninjas

[21 Dec 2004|01:58pm]

Hey, I'm new. The name's Ash, I'm 15 years old and I'm from a little place called New Zealand.

I am seriously one of the biggest Speech and Drama nuts you will ever find. (By the way, kudos for remembering the Speech part of Drama, can't have one without the other) Whenever I'm in town and I'm being quiet and someone mentions that I'm being so, I make threats to sing show tunes at the top of my lungs. Perhaps that just shows my sheer insanity, but who cares?

the lowdown on my private tuitionCollapse )

competitionsCollapse )

my Trinity College examCollapse )

my school drama lifeCollapse )

So this year's been an extremely Drama filled year. Next year I'm throwing myself even more into School Drama and I'm going to audition for some amateur plays here, as well as the annual musical.

Nice to meet you all <3
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WOOT! [30 Apr 2004|03:41pm]

Yay for me! I joined a community ::feels loved:: I'm not in theatre, but I am in speech. Ashley was my awesome amazing wonderifulous duo partner this year and Katy is going to be my partner next year. We're currently looking for a funny/semi-cute piece, so lemme know if you have any ideas. I also want to do oratory next year. That'd be fun. I'll talk about something cool. That I feel passionately about. Like office supplies. Heh.
Happy Ninjas

Welcome! [30 Apr 2005|03:36pm]

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Hello and welcome to the Speech_Theatre community. This is a community made especially for those in Speech and Drama. Feel free to share your tales and opinions. This is just a place for actors/actresses to hang out. Anway, have fun and ON WITH THE SHOW. (I know, a stupid cliche, but oh well :))

Happy Ninjas

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