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Hey, I'm new. The name's Ash, I'm 15 years old and I'm from a little place called New Zealand.

I am seriously one of the biggest Speech and Drama nuts you will ever find. (By the way, kudos for remembering the Speech part of Drama, can't have one without the other) Whenever I'm in town and I'm being quiet and someone mentions that I'm being so, I make threats to sing show tunes at the top of my lungs. Perhaps that just shows my sheer insanity, but who cares?

For the past 5 years I've had private tuition with a teacher here, who's made me do local competitions and Trinity College examinations. Sadly this was her last year teaching, so I'll have to rely on school for all my Drama needs. Sad. I first got into the whole private tuition thing when I was 10 because the school I was at wouldn't let me join the Drama club because my "class teacher hadn't referred me". Whatever.

So Mum told me to forget about a dumb school Drama club and sent me along to a teacher, Helen, who I've been with ever since.

For the past five years I've been doing local competitions, usually about 5/6 classes. This year at the New Plymouth ones in July I did:

Character Sketch - a monologue about gambling written by Ken Pickering (VHC)
Sight Reading - it was an extract from Lord of the Flies (HC)
Own Selection Poem - For Heidi With Blue Hair by Fleur Adcock (2nd)
Memorised Prose - an extract from The Child by Witi Ihimaera (3rd)
NZ Verse - Cammomile Tea by Katherine Mansfield (Did not place)
Duologue - an extract from The Good Doctor, scene between The Mistress and Julia (1st)
Theatre Sports - Space jump, set in a carnival (1st)

Then I had my Trinity exam, Grade Six, in October. This went well, I had to do:

Extract from a play - Katherine Howard by William Nicolson
Two pieces of different styles, a lyrical poem and a narrative poem/piece of prose:

Lyric poem - Remembering an Aunt, by Judith Wright
Narrative prose - The Child by Witi Ihimaera

Sight Reading - I can't remember the piece


I scored 24/30 for the play extract, 29/30 for the differentiated styles section, 19/20 for my Sight reading and 20/20 for my Theory, adding up to 92%. This was the second highest mark in my region, a Distinction mark, so along with getting a Distinction certificate, I also get a silver medal. I get those this afternoon.

Along with all that, I did school Drama as well.

The year started with Improvisation, which I got an E in (an A for anyone who doesn't know the system of NCEA, E, standing for Excellence, is the highest you can get).
We then moved into Devising, which I also got an E on.
Then we had Production, where we had to carry out an acting role AND a teching role. The play I was in was The Cagebirds by David Campton and I played The Long Tongued Gossip and worked on Set and Properties for teching. For both of those I got E's.
Afterward, we had Melodrama, which was loads of fun! We had to write our own Melodramas and play a character in them - ours was called The Roaring Bar or Fall of a Star and I played the evil villain Stella Kelly. Also got an E in that.

In both of the practice exams (we also have written exams) I got E's.

Mark wise, I topped the year but was never given the certificate for it. Nearly all the girls who took Drama this year in my year and the Drama coordinator were all really confused about it. The girl who was recognised as Top in Drama received the same marks as I after resitting one of the assessments, Improvisation. But OH WELL.

So this year's been an extremely Drama filled year. Next year I'm throwing myself even more into School Drama and I'm going to audition for some amateur plays here, as well as the annual musical.

Nice to meet you all <3
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